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Inside The Extras Dept.


16 October 2013
We have never had a busier year than this one folks and never before have we presented so many selections of extras's photos to directors, to assistant directors, to costume departments, to make up artists and hair stylists and realised how much we need you to have an excellent photo. We have literally presented 100's of selections of extras (YOU GUYS!) to productions this year during the multitude of films and TV programmes we have had the pleasure of doing this year and the vast majority have been to the directors themselves and the feedback has been astounding. The people we show your pictures to, and us ourselves, look at your photos very quickly, not only do we need to be able to see exactly what you like NOW but your photo has to grab us - you need to look engaging and professional - that you take being an extra seriously and have made an effort to be involved, as why else should we consider bringing you onto a multi-million pound set it you haven't or aren't serious about it? We also don't want our image of you to be tainted by the association with a nightclub, a wedding, or a holiday location, we want to see you as a blank canvas that we can then imagine you in either a futuristic sci fi robot battle or a medieval banquet. Therefore a neutral expression also will lend you to more roles too. You'd be surprised by the reasons that people get quickly discounted and how many people were not selected for different roles and different productions on the basis of a shoddy photo! We have finally had a second to catch up with ourselves and get two new photoshoot dates organised as they are very much needed! The number of "selfies" and bad crops and fuzzy hazes that are appearing on the website just ain't gonna cut it folks! We know lots of you have been gagging for the new photoshoot date, and apologies it has taken so long, but here you go: Thursday 31st October 2013 Saturday 2nd November 2013 We strongly recommend you book your timeslot now! The booking form is now online. All you need to do is go on to our website, log in to your personal profile & click on 'Book a Photoshoot'. You will be emailed a confirmation email to tell you where to go & what to do before the photoshoot itself - make sure to check your spam/junk folder if it doesn't appear in your inbox. Getting your photo taken costs £25 and you will be emailed the final photo to keep 4 weeks after the photoshoot. Many thanks, & hope to see lots of you at the photoshoots and lots of poor photos replaced by amazing ones! ENI x