The Winner of the 2023 Andrew Dunbar Award is GARRY HARPER!
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Highly professional, highly personal

At The Extras Dept., we pride ourselves on being hard-working, and easy to work with. We ask our clients to trust us, and we deliver on our promises.

In an industry where confidentiality, integrity and reliability matter, we’re proud of the reputation our team has earned over the last decade.

Part of your production

That’s where our name came from. For years, our clients have told us that they see us as an extension of their teams, so it just made sense to call ourselves The Extras Dept.

A decade of expertise

Since 2007, we’ve been the only large-scale extras agency in Northern Ireland. We’ve grown up with the industry here, and managed extras for every major production filmed here. We’ve cut our teeth on everything from commercials to Hollywood productions to some of the world’s biggest TV series.

We’re already one of Ireland’s biggest agencies too

For years, our clients have asked us to expand outside Northern Ireland, but we’ve taken care to wait until we had the right team and the perfect processes. Well, that time has come. We're about to launch our Dublin office, but we're already one of the biggest extras agencies in Ireland. Now we’re focused on bringing our industry-leading tools, processes and people to the whole island.

A commitment to continuous improvement

We were one of the first extras agency in the UK and Ireland to build a client-searchable extras management platform. Each year since, we’ve made major improvements to our bespoke platform, making it easier than ever to source, book and manage extras throughout a production.

More about our system

Compliance? Covered.

Behind the scenes, we’re set up as a fully fledged recruitment agency, so we have full, up-to-date IDs, and dozens of attributes on file for all of our extras. Many of our extras are Access NI pre-registered, and our systems allow us to process additional registrations in a matter of hours.

If you’d like to talk to someone about how we can help, just call +44 (0)28 9543 0100, or