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Meet EDDIE – The best Extras Management System on the planet

OK, we’re a little biased, but hear us out. Over the last 10 years we’ve spent 1000s of hours wrangling our wonderful extras, and helping our production companies in every way we can. In that time we’ve continuously refined our processes, and invested heavily in custom technology to make things even simpler, better and faster for everyone involved.

Fully integrated, never overrated, always up-to-dated

Whether you’re shooting a small commercial or a Hollywood blockbuster, EDDIE deals with shortlisting, availability checking, bookings, payments, costume and legal compliance.


We use a combination of automated and semi-automated SMS, automated emails, and plain old phone calls to recruit and keep in contact with our extras, so that we can guarantee that the right people show up on time for your production.

No chits. Ever. Hallelujah.

Our bespoke system can manage tracking, check-ins, on-set cast upgrades and payment for 1000s of extras in a single shoot day, allowing you to focus on the production work.

It saves trees

Back in the bad old days, extras would be found wandering around on set, clutching fistfuls of paper just so they could get paid at the end of the day. On a big production, this adds up to a huge big waste of trees. At least it used to.

It saves hassle

Our production accountants love it. Take payment reconciliation, for example — a process that used to take 2-3 hours each night is now finished automatically by our system once the day is wrapped.

It saves time

Our system frees up our time so that we can spend more hours helping our productions and extras, rather than dealing with endless paperwork. It even means we can process payment faster.

What EDDIE means for our productions (and our extras)
The short version: everything’s better.


  • Payment processing
  • Extra Management
  • Fee tracking
  • Access - online and offline
  • Security
  • Time efficiency on set


  • Time saved
  • Flexibility
  • Support from The Extras Dept.
  • Up-to-date reports
  • Control of additional costs


  • Paperwork
  • Hanging around on set
  • Time spent signing extras in and out
  • Lost Chits
  • Misplaced files
  • Cost

If you’d like to talk to someone about how our system can help your production, just call +44 (0)28 9543 0100.