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Inside The Extras Dept.


05 July 2013
We’re are URGENTLY looking for MEN aged 18+ from EVERY ETHNIC BACKGROUND and in particular those that are olive/ swarthy skinned and could be part of an “Ottoman Army” of multiple ethnicities who will be involved in a number of exciting action & battle sequences. So we need any MALES aged 18+ who are: - Mediterranean - Turkish - Greek - Mixed race - Latin American - Middle Eastern - African or Afro Carribean - Olive/ Swarthy skinned - Asian - NO FAKE TANS PLEASE This will be paid work. You MUST be based in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland and have a national insurance or PPS number and a bank account. There are only two ways in which you will be considered – you DO NOT NEED TO DO BOTH: 1. You can either email [email protected] with: - NAME - AGE - CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBERS - A CLEAR & RECENT PHOTOGRAPH of yourself from the waist up – we need to be able to see your face, hair and physique CLEARLY. So NO hats, sunglasses, dark photos etc…. - Let us know if you have any experience – film/tv/theatre/military, it doesn’t matter if you don’t - PLEASE TITLE THE EMAIL “DRACULA OTTOMAN ARMY” 2. If you would like to do this sort of thing all the time and be considered for all the productions we do, you need join the Extras NI website and create your own profile. It’s FREE to sign up & it only takes 10 minutes! Please go to and sign up now! If you already have a completed profile on the website you are automatically being considered. We will begin casting for this in the next week so DO NOT DELAY. We cannot reply to everyone, only those selected will be contacted when they are required – this could be anytime from now until November! We would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to grow your hair and your facial hair from NOW, but be prepared to have it cut or styled or shaved if your role requires it. PLEASE SHARE folks – we need all the help we can get to get one seriously amazing army!