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Inside The Extras Dept.


11 March 2013
We know lots of you have been eagerly waiting to get our finalized date for the next photo shoot. At long last it is now confirmed for SATURDAY 23 MARCH! How important is your photograph? Your photograph is the single most important part of your profile. Presentation, like with most things, is key to making a good first impression. The cleaner, more professional & more striking your photograph is, the more chance you have of getting work with Extras NI. Our world class photographers have one clear cut goal when snapping your picture – to make YOU stand out. Any distracting background can always work against your favour during the casting or face-shopping process. We strongly recommend you book your timeslot now! The booking form is now online. You need to log in to your personal profile & click on 'Book a Photoshoot'. Getting your photo taken costs £25 and you will be emailed the final photo to keep 4-6 weeks after the photoshoot. NB: For anyone who attended our photoshoot on the 22nd September/21st July & had to leave due to the long queue - please send an email to [email protected] & she will phone you to book you in at a time that suits. Many thanks, & hope to see lots of you in the 23rd!