The Winner of the 2023 Andrew Dunbar Award is GARRY HARPER!
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Inside The Extras Dept.

Announcing the 2021 winner of the Andrew Dunbar Award!

08 February 2022

Every year we like to celebrate our most worked extra in honour of Andrew Dunbar, a legendary extra who held the title for many years.

This year, it is our absolute pleasure to award the 2021 Andrew Dunbar award to Josh! Josh took part in a whopping 7 productions this year, from fantasies to comedies to horror. 

As part of the Andrew Dunbar award, each year The Extras Dept make a charity donation. After a conversation with Josh, we have decided to donate to PIPS. PIPS Charity exists to provide support to individuals who are considering, or who have at some point considered, ending their own lives. PIPS also provide support to those families and friends who have been touched by suicide.

We encourage you to read more about PIPS and make a donation if you can via the link below:

After such a busy year, Josh has answered some of our burning questions about his experience as an extra and has provided some fantastic advice to all our extras and anyone who is thinking of delving into the world of extras work.

Congratulations Josh!

Do you have a most memorable extras' moment from last year? 

The friends that I have made through extras are what stand out most for me. You always bump into the same people, it's the community that I love about it. It's hard to pick any one moment but in SGE, I was part of a ballroom dancing scene and a sword-fighting display scene which needless to say, it was lots of fun.

What was your favourite production to be a part of and why? 

My favourite production to date has got to be School for Good and Evil. Being on for the whole shoot, I had so much fun with the other extras on set and in the hotel. Krypton was good fun as well, I just really love a cool costume to wear.

Out of everything you worked on, what are you most looking forward to seeing on the big (or small) screen? 

Normally when I do find myself in scenes, I am just a blurred out shape in the background. So I am never too bothered about the end result, instead, I focus on just having a good time. Although just because I was on SGE so much I am very excited to see myself in it.

Any big learning curves in your time as an extra last year? 

The industry is small, so make a good impression especially if you want to work in the film industry long-term. From my work as an extra, I have worked on Dungeons and Dragons as an AD so you never know where it could take you. 

Any advice for those going out on their first day as an extra? 

Smile and wave, have fun, and eat as much as possible.

What are your interests outside of extras' work? 

I am an aspiring writer and director, to date I have written and directed two NI Screen funded short films and one BFI short film. Currently, I am trying to get my longer form scripts into development. 

Tell us about how you landed an agent!

Extras was really my first step into acting. Being in front of a camera can feel really daunting for the first time when there is a crew of fifty-plus behind it watching you. But it's addicting, I love storytelling and I have always acted in occasional short films and studied it on the side. This year I got signed with Premier Artists, so I am excited to see where that will take me.